The Divine Healing Ministries made over E300 000 in a space of four hours.

This was during their annual Gala Dinner that was held at the mega church’s head quarters in Manzini.

The exact amount is three hundred and fifty-four thousand six hundred Emalangeni (E354 600).

First to set up the offering pace for the rest of the attendees was God Never Fails leader Bishop ND Nhlapho, who gave the church E100 000 cash, which he presented to the jubilant Bishop Nash Shongwe.

He was soon followed by throngs of congregants who began the offering at E 1 000, as requested by the visiting Bishop Nhlapho, followed by E500 and the rest of the attendants, who had different amounts to give.

The donations reached this figure after the tickets amounting to over E200 000 were sold out plus E51 100 that was raised by Tee and Jay Furnishers and E3 500, which was also donated by Bishop Nhlapho.

However, this amount may increase as during the time the paper went to print, the church was yet to put together the pledges and total cash received.

“We will only start counting the money on Monday, which is when we will have the exact figure; right now you can publish the amounts you noted down, as they are the figures we all are aware of,” Pastor Sikhumbuzo Shongwe said.

This money will go towards Divine Healing Ministries’ up keep and social responsibility, as confirmed by its leader Bishop Nash Shongwe.

“This structure needs about eight air conditioners, which will cost the church E24 000, we also rent our instruments, so we want to buy our own, it will cost us E150 000 and one of our branches in Block C had its roof blown over by a storm and needs E100 000,” the bishop said.

Shongwe then added that the church is also constructing another church branch at Othandweni in Siphofaneni.

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