How Bulawayo beaders reached the Big Apple


In 2011, Johannesburg artist Joni Brenner saw a strip of loomed beads work made in Bulawayo, draped it around her neck and asked if it could be joined to make a necklace. When she wore her commissioned necklaces to the 2011 FNB JoburgArtFair, many people admired them and requested their […]

Zola 7 is giving away some bursaries


He’s more than just a musician but a philanthropist as well. Remember how many people he helped when he still had his Zola 7 show? Well, just because that show stopped airing a few years ago it doesn’t mean the man has stopped doing his philanthropic duties as our number […]

Chicco Twala comes clean on Senzo Meyiwa case


And with many allegations pointing to his son and his own fire-arm, Chicco has come out to defend himself. On Wednesday afternoon Senzo Meyiwa’s father – Samuel Meyiwa mentioned on radio that he may know who killed his son. During the interview, the name Longwe Twala, the son of Chicco Twala […]